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  Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need x-rays? Are X-Rays Really Necessary?

Have you ever been to a Chiropractor who never took x-rays? How did he know what he was adjusting? Are x-rays necessary? A Chiropractor can get an idea of the condition of your spine through looking at your posture, or feeling your spine, but outside of x-ray vision, the only way to be absolutely sure what your spine looks like, and how to adjust you, is by taking pictures of your spine – x-rays.After taking your x-rays, your chiropractor will then compare them to ideal “normal” spinal x-rays, and formulate a specific adjustment for your spine. A “normal” spine is one that is straight and perpendicular to the floor from the front, and has 3 specific curves from the sides.When the spine deviates from that “normal” healthy position, it is called a subluxation. That abnormal stress on the spine causes the bones and the discs to decay up to 10x faster! It also causes stretching, twisting, compression, and/or pinching of the fragile spinal cord, brain stem, and spinal nerves! This nerve damage decreases nerve flow from the brain to the body and can cause sickness and disease in the body.Would you allow your dentist to drill your teeth without an x-ray? And those are just your teeth! In this office we do not guess when it comes to your spinal health!

Why do you suggest a massage before an adjustment?

A massage before an adjustment is sometimes suggested. Relaxing the muscles before an adjustment allows the bones to be manipulated much easier and helps the adjustment last longer. 

How long till I feel better?

This varies depending upon the patient and their condition; some patients feel better immediately and others it may take up to 48 hours or several visits. It all depends upon the patient and their condition and or injury. 

How many times do I need to come back? 

Coming back depends upon how fast your body reacts to the adjustment; some react quicker than others. You helping the process of the first adjustment will also help. You can do this by applying ice, resting and drinking plenty of water. 

Can I use a heating pad or heat?

We do not suggest using heat. Heat will increase inflammation and will cause more pain. Although the heat may feel good on the outside it is causing more damage beneath the skin. We suggest ice, ice pak, or Bio-Freeze. Decreasing the inflammation or swelling to the area will allow it to heal quicker.